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Dear future partner I love you

written by Phaenna

illustrated by Victoria Bérisot

Dear future partner, I love you.
And from heartbreak and life, I’ve learnt.
I’ll know when you are right for me.
I’ve learnt from life. So be patient with me.
Be loving and affectionate.
Be caring and support me. Hold me -
Like a great trophy touched by victory. I have seen the losses, too. I am damaged.
But loving me is not an exchange..
Love is not a business. We do not trade in hearts.
I will tell you what we trade in.
For the only exchange would be as breathing - natural and symbiotic
I will breathe in
your “I love you“s,
To breathe out, whispering
“I love you too”.
From what I’ve learnt from heartbreak, I’ll want you to be gentle with me.
To be honest and consider me as I am.
To respect me and my decisions.
Consent is the key in every aspect of life.
Do not assume based on your desires.
I learnt to love in the right way because I’ve loved someone the wrong way.
You don’t have to be whole to know how to love,
You just have to understand me.
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