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French Press

written by Millie Crewe

illustrated by Victoria Bérisot

You held me tight as we slept
Limbs shuffling until they slotted into
each other
Squeezed like pinprick vessels on your
Caught between teeth in the heat of
last night.
I didn't want to need this closeness,
hate to admit how much it aches, to be
kept at arm's length
For half the year.

I wonder if the shopkeeper thought
we were in love
as we bickered over cheap wine.
The thought makes me smile.
Maybe we can live on somewhere
Silent friends in watery suspension
Deep in a stranger's mind.

But in the morning you shook me out
Like crumpled receipts nestled in the pit of
a tote bag
So I walked back in short segments
Pausing from the weight of my suitcase
Reeling from the bitter sting of your
French press
that only one mug can hold, you said.
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