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In Conversation with Glory Samjolly, artist and founder of @blackaristocratart

- Hello Glory, you are an artist and also the founder of @blackaristocratart, could you
introduce yourself ?

I’m an artist, passionate about art and enterprise. Born and raised in London, I studied in UAL Wimbledon. Now I’m growing my online business and practicing art.

- When have you started making art ? Did you study art ?
I studied Fine Art: Painting at UAL Wimbledon. I think I realised I was an artist from a very young age.

- What inspires you in your art ? Is there a specific message you want to promote ?
I’m inspired by traditional portraiture and its very fibre in the fabric of mainstream portraiture in Britain and Europe.

- Do you expect a reaction from people who look at your art ? What do you want them to say ?
I never usually expect a specific reaction to my artwork, since it’s open to interpretation.
However, some have wondered why I always lean towards 16-18 th century European fashion and not African fashion. Because I was born and raised in Britain, European history is naturally part of my history, so I am not ashamed of being passionate about European fashion. Being “Black-British” is all I know. I don’t know much about African traditions, neither have I been to Africa.

- When have you started @blackaristocratart ? What was the idea behind it ?
As my curiosity peaked about Africans in historical European/Western portraiture, I created the Instagram page Blackaristocratart to archive mysterious portraits I had questions about. My page has now become the hub for archiving portraiture in the form of images, info-graphic, videos and edutainment. My page was recognised and featured in New York Time Style section.

- How has @blackaristocratart grown ? What is the future of this account ?
I hope to curate art shows or better, own a physical space where these amazing paintings of
unpopular Africans in Europe can be seen collectively. I want this to be more than a digital research platform.
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